Benefits of waxing year round

October 7 2018
Benefits of waxing year round

At Tru Salon + Spa we offer a full menu of waxing from brow shaping to legs. The benefits rings true year around:

Exfoliation - Waxing acts as an exfoliator keeping the top layer of dead skin continuously being removed, and letting your new, smooth skin shine through. You tend to have drier skin in the winter air, causing more dead skin than in the summer. With waxing your skin will be left smooth and ready for your heavy winter moisturizer.

Waxing takes care of hair from the shaft  - When you shave you are only cutting the hair at the surface. These blunt edges cause stubble to grow back. Waxing removes the hair completely from the shaft, allowing hair to grow back slower. Regular waxing in the winter keeps your hair from growing back quicker and thicker.

Consistent waxing - When you consistently wax, it trains your hair to grow back slower and, over time, the hair follicle may completely stop producing hair. We recommend visiting regularly in the winter to ensure longer lasting results, and less pain of starting over in the spring.

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