Easy Summer Hair

July 31 2019
Easy Summer Hair

The long days of summer are in full swing, so we’re here today with a post dedicated to summer hair. Why not make the most of all the fun that comes with this season with some easy hairstyles that effortlessly allow you to beat the heat while looking great?

Wet looks. If your hair will already be wet from splashing around in the waves or pool, why not just work with it? Before you hit the water, toss some gel into your bag, so when you're ready to leave the water, you can keep that wet look going no matter what’s coming up next. Simply brush your damp hair back and apply the gel in the same direction for a slick style with plenty of shine.

Curls. Curls tend to get a bit wild as the humidity rises, which will actually help this quick and easy updo. Simply smooth a bit of curl-defining cream through dry hair before pulling it up into a high ponytail. Secure with a strong elastic and tuck the ends underneath with a few bobby pins. Tie a short, simple ribbon around the base of the ponytail for a nice finishing touch. Cream or beige looks clean and bright against dark hair, while black is a great choice for blondes.

Hot mess. This style works best on second- or third!- day hair, but if yours is freshly washed, you can use a mousse to add texture. First, gently tease your hair all over at the root with a fine-tooth comb. Then, use a soft-bristle brush to smooth out the top layer. Pull the upper half of your hair up and away from your face and fasten it with a couple of pins in the back just below the crown. Now take the bottom half of your hair, twist it up, and pin that section on either side in a loose bun. Finally, slide a slim elastic headband an inch or two back from your hairline, but leave your bangs out if you have them. This is a very casual style, so don't try for perfection. The result should be a gorgeous hot mess!

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