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Manage Your Unwanted Body & Facial Hair

January 19 2020
Manage Your Unwanted Body & Facial Hair

Managing unwanted hair can be a major hassle. Although there are quite a few do-it-yourself methods available to us, these often come with discomfort, unsightly nicks and cuts, and very temporary results. Fortunately, professional spa waxing offers the most effective, economical way to effectively manage that hair and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Today, we’ll talk about why we think you should choose this hair removal method.

Many women take care of their unwanted hair by shaving, but this can actually make the situation worse. Because shaving cuts the hair at the surface rather than removing it at the root, it grows back quickly and with a blunt edge. This is known as “stubble”, and can be felt as soon as the next day! This is especially a problem for unwanted hair growth on the face. There’s also the possibility of nicks and cuts being created as you scrape the sharp razor over your skin. Although this is a popular option, the results are less than desirable.

Other women turn to creams and lotions that promise to remove unwanted hair. Unfortunately, these can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions, and they aren’t always effective. This often leads to nothing but frustration with blotches of hair and red, irritated skin. No, thanks!

Laser hair removal can be quite effective, but the expense and time involvement often leave this method out of reach for most of us. So where does that leave us? Are we doomed to poor unwanted hair management?

Fear not! Professional waxing is affordable and effective. The hair is removed at the root, requiring the follicle itself to regrow before the hair can regrow. Not only does this take much longer than with other hair removal methods it also makes hair grow back thinner and weaker than before, making subsequent waxing appointments quicker.

Not only are there are no nicks or cuts with waxing, it exfoliates your skin as well. Removing dead skin cells will stimulate collagen and new cell formation, so your skin is left even healthier after waxing treatments!
If you’d like to try waxing to manage your unwanted hair, make an appointment today at TRU Salon + Spa. Our professional aestheticians will help you set up a waxing schedule that makes that unwanted hair a thing of the past. Give us a call at one of our two locations- Branchburg, NJ (908) 218-9878 or Warren, NJ (908) 753-9878, book online, or download the app from free from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.