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Say Hello to Spring with Olaplex

March 7 2020
Say Hello to Spring with Olaplex

Spring is just around the corner, and now is a great time to think about repairing some of the harsh environmental effects of winter. Here at TRU Salon + Spa, we have the perfect option when it comes to rescuing hair: Olaplex

Not sure what it is? Think of Olaplex as a sort of magic wand, only it’s real, and the magician is your highly trained stylist! This is a three-step process that works at the molecular level within your hair’s structure to restore it to its natural beauty. 

Sound too good to be true? Well, it is! This magical treatment can not only be used as a stand-alone, but it can also be an add-on to your color service. The first two steps of the process take place right here in the salon, and you complete the process at home with the final step. 

If you are in the salon for a new hair color or another chemical service, we can apply the first step of the Olaplex process right along with it. This step will rebuild the broken chemical bonds in your hair to make it smooth and shiny. The second step will be applied either after shampooing or the final color rinse, and will rebuild upon the first by infiltrating any broken bonds that remain after your style or color service. The last step in the process will be yours to complete with a weekly at-home treatment that will provide ongoing protection from heat, UV rays, and chlorine in your water. The Olaplex treatment will keep your hair looking and feeling it’s best well into the next season!

Don’t let dry or damaged hair keep you from fully enjoying this season. Here at TRU Salon + Spa, we have the knowledge, training, and expert products to help you achieve the hair of your dreams. Give us a call at one of our two locations- Branchburg, NJ (908) 218-9878 or Warren, NJ (908) 753-9878, book online, or download the app for free from iTunes or Google Play.