The importance of teen facials

February 22 2018
The importance of teen facials

It’s tough being a teen. Your body is changing, growing, and your skin is taking the brunt of those changes. Facials aren’t just for older women wanting to replenish and make their skin look younger. The truth is, no matter what your age, facials should be a regular part of your skincare routine that can be done monthly.

The skin on your face is exposed to more dirt and pollutants than anywhere else on your body, so taking care of your face is a priority. As well, teens aren’t as consistent with nightly makeup removal to give your skin a relief.

Our teen facial gives you a customized treatment to address all those teenage skin issues and includes cleansing, exfoliation, mask, and hydration. Best of all, it promotes healthy skin while introducing good home care habits.

Teens have stress too. Between juggling a busy social life, any sports, homework, college testing, and curfew – regular facials can help to relax the muscles in your face which help to improve its tone and keep your skin looking as young as it truly is.

One of the best benefits of regular facials is teaching your teen how to properly care for her skin to keep it looking good and healthy for years to come. Your aesthetician will work with your teen to treat potential problems before they worsen and to recommend the right products that will work well with their skin.

Taking care of teen skin now will help to alleviate future problems with their skin.
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