Time for skin care routine change

November 15 2018
Time for skin care routine change

Autumn is officially here and winter is on its way!  As the temperatures continue to fall, it’s time for a transition. Now’s the perfect time to try a new hair color, hairstyle, and definitely the time to shift our skincare routine. As the weather gets colder, your skincare routine needs to adjust to keep your skin healthy and looking its best with this season’s makeup trends.

During the summer, the goal is to keep everything light to fight the heat and help our makeup stay in place. That includes your moisturizer as well as your makeup. As the temperature moves colder and colder, the focus should shift to a heavier moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated in the dry indoor heat.  

The colder it gets, the less oil your skin produces so it’s important to adjust your cleansing routine as well. The pros recommend switching up your cleansers between morning and night washings. A good sulfate-free gel is effective for a deep cleaning in the morning and a lotion-based light cleanser at night to effectively remove all your makeup. Don’t skip removing makeup at night!

Moisturizing is key, especially in the winter. Start with a toner to lock in the moisture. Some women skip the toner but it helps to balance your skin’s pH and help with hydration. Choose an alcohol-free product designed for your skin type. If you aren’t sure, ask your stylist and we can help you in the salon.

Definitely switch to a heavier cream to really lock in the moisture. If you have oil skin, stick the oil-free products. If you tend to have dry skin naturally, find a moisturizer that includes some light, beneficial oils. If you love serums, they are great for infusing antioxidants and other nutrients to condition the skin.

You may be tempted to skip the sunscreen in the colder weather but UV rays can be even higher in the fall and winter months causing drying and premature aging. Yes, your skin needs protection year-round with a minimum of SPF 15.

If you have an event coming up and would like to try a makeup look with the latest winter colors, give us a call today. TRU Salon + Spa can also help adjust your skincare routine to ensure your skin looks healthy all year long. Give us a call at one of our two locations:

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