Treat yourself to a new hairstyle

December 7 2018
Treat yourself to a new hairstyle

If you’ve been thinking of a change this holiday season, Tru Salon + Spa has the answer. How about a change in hairstyle to get you in the mood for the holiday parties yet look chic enough to carry you into the New Year? Take a look and let us know which one catches your eye!

Blunt, shoulder-length lob
This bob is one of the most popular cuts in Hollywood right now, and it’s no wonder. It’s sophisticated, stylish, and depending on your hair texture, it offers great body to your hair. There’re so many variations to this bob, be sure to bring a photo inspiration to show your stylist so that you can make this look your own.

Not your old 90’s bob
Another hot cut right now is the sleek and short bob. This falls somewhere between the cheekbones and chin. If you want the 90’s retro look, finish with a glossy, sleek look or amp up the texture with an undercut.

The undercut 
You’ve seen this look before but the latest trend is to buzz smaller sections, giving it a delicate look & feel. If you’re looking for an edgy cut without losing length, this is the cut for you. This is one cut where you can control the length and the shape of the buzzed sideburns to show as much or as little as you like.

Long, internal layers 
If you’re looking for a sexy look without losing any length, look no further. This beautiful style can offer just enough change without committing to a major change. The key to this cut is called invisible layers to add texture. The layers should be long but layered internally to create gorgeous volume and uninhibited movement.

Heavy bangs
Blunt bangs have been trending lately. The key is to style them with a little texture. This is the perfect way to create change without losing overall length. Adding full bangs will instantly change your style and keep you on trend without a lot of fuss.

If you’re ready for a new haircut, style, or hair color, let our stylists show you the best options for you. Make an appointment with your stylist at TRU Salon + Spa. Give us a call at one of our two locations :

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