Waxing services for men at TRU salon + spa

January 24 2019
Waxing services for men at TRU salon + spa

If you think swimmers, triathletes, or metrosexuals are the only ones to wax, think again. Manscaping is the rage right now and it’s for everyone from conservative to liberal, it doesn’t matter. Here are some of the big reasons why guys are waxing all parts of their body.

  • It makes from look sleeker, smoother, and more toned.
  • They feel cleaner with manscaping done, and there’s an illusion of some ‘parts’ appearing larger by minimizing the hair – yea, we went there.
  • Their wives and girlfriends are encouraging them to clean up. 
  • It saves time since they don’t have to shave daily.
  • Waxing lasts longer because it removes hair from the roots.
  • Waxing makes hair grow back slower as well as finer over time with no itch.
  • No cuts or nicks that can be bothersome or leave scars.

If you’re considering body waxing, here are some tips on preparing for your appointment:

  • Consider bringing in your iPod or phone with headphones to listen to music. Being relaxed makes the experience more comfortable.
  • Don’t exfoliate right before hair removal. However, doing it regularly after waxing helps remove debris that causes ingrown hairs. 
  • Be hairy. Put away the trimmers and let your hair grow at least one quarter of an inch before your appointment. Hair must be long enough for the wax to stick to be the most effective. 
  • Have a soft spot for pain? Pop a couple Advil’s an hour before you come in.

There’s no need to be embarrassed. Hair is a way of life and sometimes some of us need a little help in the manscaping dept. Ask your stylist for a consultation to see if waxing is for you. At TRU Salon & Spa, we offer eyebrow, neck, chest, shoulder, back, stomach, and even ear waxing. 

Yes men, it does matter to your significant other if you take the time to keep yourself neat and trimmed. Our team at TRU Salon + Spa is ready to help you look and feel your best. Give us a call at one of our two locations :

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