Winter waxing benefits

February 11 2018
Winter waxing benefits

Waxing isn’t only a summer thing when your legs are mostly on display. Not only does regular waxing helps you feel and look better, it also has other benefits as well. At TRU Salon + Spa, we offer every type of waxing from brow shaping to legs. Here’s some benefits to keep up with your waxing during the winter.

Waxing acts as an exfoliator to remove the top layers of dead skin. With the cold winter air, you have a lot of dry, dead skin. Your skin will be left smooth and primed to soak in the benefits of your favorite skin moisturizer.

While shaving may seem quicker and easier since you can do it at home, it cuts off the hair at the surface. This causes blunt-edges to grow back in the form of stubble. When you upkeep regular waxings, it removes the hair shaft completely so it grows back naturally. Waxing can last up to two weeks or longer. And did you know that regular waxing in the winter keeps your hair from growing back quicker and thicker?

That’s true – waxing causes less hair to grow back and causes the hair follicle to stop producing hair over time. Take a break for the entire winter and you’ll be hating it come spring! Stinting the hair growth is good news for those of us that grow hair in the most inconvenient places like the chin or upper lip. We recommend visiting us regularly this winter to ensure longer lasting results.

Ready to upkeep your waxing routine in the winter and make your life easier (and less hairy) year around? Our team at TRU Salon + Spa is here to help you get your style under control. Give us a call at one of our two locations:

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